Former Indianapolis Colt, Gary Brackett partnered with Chef Ricky Hatfield and local restaurateur, Jeremiah Hamman to create this not just another steakhouse concept. This is a restaurant that doesn’t so much turn its back on steakhouse conventions as it celebrates them, although certainly with a wink and nudge. This is not just fine dining, it is “fun” dining. The pampering starts the moment you’re seated. Before you have a chance to glance at the menu, a waiter will arrive with your “amuse booze,” a two-ounce house cocktail, which changes daily.

Most of what you’ll eat here emerges from the imaginative mind of Chef Ricky Hatfield, most recently touted for the comeback of Peterson’s. Every dish is unique and spectacular, from the Hickory Roasted Cervena Venison Chop to the unconventional Pork Cheek & Pumpkin Tamale to the storied Ora King Salmon. Combine all of this with local art and a towering, impressively stocked bar, CharBlue is sure to delight you and your guests.

Free Wine Tasting Thursdays
5 Course Wine Dinner Featuring Orin Swift Wines